The qualified management defines the aims of the whole company and represents the entirety of and its operative business, which is divided into the business segments of linguistic competence, academic specialized knowledge as well travel & leisure activities. A conception, which continue to grow, is represented in the market and opens up continuously new business segments and/or establishes or integrates companies.

The portfolio of our strong brands of the prevailing business segments and the wide range of services complete our offer:

    Service provider in the field of linguistic competence

    Provider of educational services for academic specialized knowledge

  • MTUR,
    Online Travel Portal

    Travel price comparison tool

Company values

In contrast to the conception remain the basic values unshakeable. serves the humans and acts responsibly, honestly and reliably in the dealings with all within the working process.

We gain the trust of our customers with the quality and safety of our products and services. Therefore, we don’t make any compromises.

The rules, which are anchored within the core idea, serve as a guide and as a tangible set of instructions for the activities of our employees and our partners.

Contact details

Telephone: +49 (0) 2331 3763417
Fax/Voicebox: +49 (0) 2331 3487676
Email: use contact form

Heinitzstr. 36,
D-58097 Hagen

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